12’x16′ Timber Frame Kit

This kit is a simple 3 bent 12′ x 16′ timber frame structure that can serve as a home office, small cabin, workshop or tool-shed. The frame is pre-cut, marked, and ready for assembly. Each kit contains enough decking for the first floor and loft. The kit comes with an instructional DVD as well as written instructions for assembling the frame. Also included in the kit are 2 mallets (one large commander, one peg driving mallet) and a bag of wood pegs. Frames are cut and test assembled in our shop before being disassembled and shipped to the customer.

12'x16' timber frame kit.

Loft shown with flooring and person for scale


Timber frame with loft

Shown with optional framing for windows and doors.

Shown with optional framing for windows and doors.

Shown with optional siding and roof decking.

Shown with optional siding and roof decking.

The frame and decking is made from hardwood, typically white oak or ash. Other wood species are available upon request. Please allow 6-8 weeks delivery as each frame is built to order.

Price: $6,300 USD

Additional options include framing for windows and doors, siding, roof decking, and trim. We can supply everything you need to enclose the frame, or just a frame itself, it’s up to you. Call us and tell us about your plans.

The customer is responsible for getting the necessary building permits for your state and county. We offer building services for people who need more help than just a precut frame. You can hire us to assemble the frame for you. We can also help with the site planning, foundation, windows and doors, roofing, siding, plumbing, electrical, insulation, and finish carpentry. Call us and ask about our building services.

Download the 3D model (Google SketchUp File)

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