Peavey & Cant Hook

Peavey holding up a log.The peavey and cant hook are very similar. One end grips the log, the long handle on the other end gives you leverage to roll large logs around. ┬áThe difference between the peavey and cant hook is the tip. A peavey has a point like a spear. The cant hook has a small 90 degree hook that grabs the log. Personally, I like the peavey better than the cant hook because I find it easier to grip, roll, and release the tool because, unlike the cant hook, it doesn’t dig in. I can release my grip and reposition the peavey for another roll much quicker than with the cant hook. You can also stick the point of the peavey in the ground so it’s visible (you won’t run over it or lose it) and you can easily grab it.

The longer the handle, the more torque you get. If you’re rolling big logs, I recommend getting a metal peavey or cant hook. The wood ones tend to crack and break over time due to the extreme force applied to the handle. Logrite probably makes the best cant hook, peaveys, log arches, and other log handling tools.

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